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Qualifications For Membership

Membership in SSPO is available to Salaried Pensioners and Active Employees who are members of one of the following Ontario registered defined benefit pension plans and/or in receipt of non-pension benefits (ie medical, dental, vision, etc.):


Works                                                                         Registered Plan Number

Stelco Inc. (Hilton Works/StelcoTower) *                               338509

Stelco Inc. (Lake Erie Steel Co.)        *                                   698753

Stelpipe Ltd. *                                                                          1017177

Stelwire**                                                                                697292

Welland Pipe Ltd.*                                                                  1017185


Note:      *Now US Steel Canada

** Now Mital Canada


Membership In SSPO Is Open To:


Surviving Spouses Of Pensioners

Current Employees (who are members of the Salaried Pension Plan)

Retired Salaried Non-Pension Benefits Participants in Health Benefits (group medical, life, and dental) – often referred to as the Partial Wind-up Group (1996).


Terms and Conditions of Registration and Membership

Members must agree to abide by the SSPO Website “Terms of Use/Service”, and “User Code Of Conduct”.


Prior to registering, please click on the following links, to review these important documents.


Terms Of Use/Service                                 User Code Of Conduct




SSPO finances its operations through annual membership fees.  The current annual membership fee is $25.  Every member shall pay a one-time initial membership fee of $50, which includes the first year membership fee.  The Organization can make allowance for Hardship cases should they express their inability to pay the full amount of fees requested of members in the form of a letter to the board.


SSPO only communicates with members in “good standing”.   A member in “good standing” is one who has paid his annual membership fee.



I Do Not Accept The Above Terms And Conditions Of Registration And Membership


I Accept The Above Terms And Conditions Of Registration And Membership


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