Federal and Provincial politicians can play a significant role in helping to shape the final outcome for Pensioners and Active Employees within the USS Canada CCAA Process.  For its part SSPO is lobbying all levels of government to demand they insist on the best possible outcome for pensioners and current employees.  Targeted local/area politicians will include, Municipal, Provincial MPP’s & Cabinet Ministers, Federal MPP’s & Cabinet Ministers, including the including the Premier of Ontario, and the Prime Minister of Canada.  SSPO will be looking for a firm commitment of support.




 We urge you to take a few minutes to personally contact, write to, or e-mail your politicians to express your personal concerns regarding the future security of your existing pension income, and non-pension benefits   (Medical,  Dental, Eye Care, Life Insurance. etc). 


It is important to    express just how a loss or reduction in pension income and/or benefits (or loss of income for an active employee) will have a serious negative impact on your personal situation.  Often the response you receive may fail to address the issue raised. So we believe that it is appropriate for you to continue to write until a proper response is obtained.


Past experience has shown that a personal letter expressing your concerns to a government representative is much more effective than merely signing your name to a form letter.  Politicians have confided that personal letters receive far greater attention in terms of a more personalized response. Politicians do generally respond to form letters, however, when they do so they simply respond in a similar fashion with a “canned response”. We would strongly urge those who are able to do so, craft their own letter.


It is also important for you to get family members and friends involved in supporting your efforts by having them also write letters to these politicians.  We are very interested in the responses that you get from your politicians so please let us know, by email or regular mail.


Use the following URL web addresses to access contact information for Federal Members of Parliament:


Use the following URL web address to access contact information for MPP’s Legislative Assembly of Ontario: